How the Tooth Fairy Improves Children’s Dental Health

Many children believe in the Tooth Fairy, a mythical character that is used when a tooth falls out of the child’s mouth. The Tooth Fairy is a person that usually puts money underneath the pillow of a child who’s lost a tooth. However, if you’re creative, the Tooth Fairy can become an amazing reward system that instills healthy dental habits for a long time in the future.

Dental-Related Items

Tradition says the Tooth Fairy places money underneath the pillow, but you can replace the money with dental-related good is that encourage good oral health or add them to the money. Let your creativity run wild when deciding the items that you’ll give your child, but make sure they all improve the child’s dental health and well-being.

Use a Tracking System

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A tracking system that earns the child a larger reward from the Tooth Fairy is also a great way to use this mythical creature to your advantage.  For example, if your child remembers to brush their teeth, they can earn a sticker that increases their reward.

The Oral Health Specialist

Make sure your children understand how important it is to brush and floss their teeth and go to the dentist. Let them know how much the Tooth Fairy likes it when boys and girls take care of their teeth and don’t eat all of those sugary-snacks and drinks.

Final Thoughts

The Tooth Fairy is a creature that kids of all ages love. It has been a part of childhood tradition for generations and will be around for generations to come. Make sure you schedule dental services in jacksonville for your kids and the dentist can help further excite your kids about taking care of their teeth and learn more about The Tooth Fairy.