PRP is used for restoring hair

platelet rich plasma treatment

PRP is the jargonized acronym being utilized for online information purposes that stands for platelet rich plasma. The platelet rich plasma treatment is being used to restore an extreme loss of hair  for the affected patient. PRP is part of the patient’s own blood system. It includes a high concentration of growth factors. Platelet rich plasma plays an important part in the growth of new hair. It also helps to improve the hair’s density and strength. When patients enter the hair restoration program, just a small sample of blood is taken. The treatment clinician separates it in a centrifuge. Platelets are then extracted from existing blood.  

The extracted platelets are injected into the treatment area. Here, enzymes are released to promote the healing of tissue and hair follicles. The clinical procedure utilized is safe. It is particularly of benefit to women who may be traumatized from the less than common drastic loss of natural hair. And miraculously, this PRP hair restoration treatment only takes about an hour. Patients who go through this procedure can expect to experience first-time results within ninety days of treatment. Full results should be expected within a year after treatment. Practitioners recommend on average three treatments.

They further advise that additional treatment work may still be required in the case of extremities. But additional treatments can be used in order to both boost or maintain the positive results experienced after the initial treatments. Such treatments do come at a cost. But in light of this, the practitioners can offer their patients flexible financing options. Needless to say, a consultation between clinician and patient will be required and a correct diagnosis should determine the best way forward. Should you be experiencing emotional trauma right now, know this. All is certainly not lost.