Visit a Dentist to Treat Crooked Teeth

A person’s teeth may grow in crooked, twisted, or overlapped. Sometimes it is caused due to a person’s mouth being too small, causing their teeth to shift. Sometimes different sized upper and lower jaws cause the problem. Protrusion of the upper jaw, underbites, and numerous other dental issues may also cause crooked teeth lakewood. Most often, crooked teeth is an inherited trait. However, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, prolonged bottle use, poor dental work, and other problems may cause crooked teeth.

Schedule a Dental Appointment

If your teeth are crooked or misaligned, going to the dentist is important if you want to resolve the issue and the potential problems that occur as the result. You should already visit the dentist every year to ensure proper care of your teeth. But, if you notice alignment issues, make that appointment. Waiting around could worsen the problem and cause you many headaches along the way. If you go to the dentist, however, those worries are obsolete and you can correct the problem quickly.

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Misaligned Teeth Health Risks

Crooked teeth not only cause issues with the appearance and a person’s confidence and self-esteem, but also their dental health. Misaligned teeth may interfere with proper chewing, can create difficulties keeping the teeth clean, cause tooth and jaw strain, and increase the risk of gingivitis, tooth decay, and tooth breakage.

Correct Crooked Teeth With Dentist Intervention

When you go to the dentist, he will look at your mouth and the misalignment issues to determine the best way to correct the problem.  Most patients will be given several treatment options to choose from, based upon their specific needs/condition, of course. Together with the dentist you can choose the right treatment for your needs and correct the misalignment issues in a short time period.